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Liebe Mitglieder,

MdEP Julia Reda (Piraten Partei) forderte Urheber und Künstler auf, ihre Gedanken  zu ihrem Bericht, dem Entwurf zur Neugestaltung des Urheberrechts, in ihrem Blog zu kommentieren. Auch Komponist John Groves, Präsident des CC Composers Club e.V., postete seine Gedanken. Allerdings verschwand sein Text auch bei mehrfachen Versuchen sofort von Frau Redas Seite… Hier Johns Kommentar zum Nachlesen:
MEPJulia Reda (Pirate Party) asked creators and artists for comments in her blog regarding her report, the draft concerning reshaping creator’s rights. Composers John Groves, president of CC Composers Club e.V, posted his thoughts – strangely enough his comment disappeared right away from that website even at several attempts…. Read John’s thoughts here:

Dear Julia,

Free speech? Believing that dialogue was being sought, I spent my valuable free time to formulate an opinion, only to have my post [number 61] disappear from your website. Very disappointing! Nevertheless, I will still try one last time.

My creator colleagues have already touched on the most salient points, namely: Creators’ rights and copyrights | Creators and artists | Employed scientists and freelance composers.You have coupled each of these together into one basket and tend to use these terms interchangeably – albeit wrongly.

One thing that is very important, is the distinction between artist and creator – in my case, composer. It is en vogue for politicians to continually reiterate that “live” is the new income potential for artists; “playing live and selling merchandise – that’s where the money is today!” Well I am a composer; I don’t play live. I spend my days writing music for advertising. I suppose I could try and drag my piano out into the street, but quite honestly – who would want to buy a T-shirt from me? So you see, creators aren’t automatically artists. But compared to the magnitude of the problem, this is just nit picking. You have asked for our viewpoints, but seeing as you have come so far without it it, it seems highly unlikely that our words are going to change your opinion. We can correct your terminology, but I doubt if we can correct your view.

Nevertheless, I would like to try. „wink“-Emoticon You are obviously a highly intelligent and talented person or you wouldn’t be in the position that you are in, but your view appears to be from a totally different perspective to mine. I see it from the angle as a professional composer – one who has been fortunate to have made a good living in the past. One who is watching empires being built on the backs of the work of my colleagues, while most politicians are just standing by, watching. If we were trees, they would probably see it differently! But I suppose it’s all a matter of perspective: You see it’s from a pirate’s perspective – one that has misinterpreted the concept of a free Internet by translating the word “free” to mean “gratis”, when in fact it was meant as “liberty”. The laws that guarantee us a fair remuneration are in place, but they are not been implemented. Creators are forced to be suppliers of “content” for an all-you-can-eat culture – and not even participate in the revenues! For us, our work is not just “content”; each individual work is a pearl. And we are forced to standby and watch while these works are being sped up, edited and mashed-up together with the works of someone else, without being asked – and without having a say in the matter. We don’t get any money, we don’t get any praise or even a mention. The person who takes our songs and mashes them up sometimes even claims it is a transformative work under the “fair use” provision! (How sick is that?) and, to add insult to injury, the delicate love songs that were so painstakingly crafted in the treasured memory of past relationships are speeded up, mixed with a dance beat and yodelling, and used as a backing track to tap-dancing cat videos to sell advertising space on YouTube!!

The Pirate agenda and their attitudes towards creators’ rights is widely known, so the fault lies with those who gave you this assignment. It’s a bit like asking a vegan to report on steak restaurants. Nevertheless, no matter what your motives are – and assuming that you have good intentions – I urge you to digest these words and those of my colleagues. Should further clarification be necessary, we are prepared to meet you personally – anywhere you choose. Thank you for this opportunity of letting our voice be heard.

John Groves

Mit freundlichen Grüßen

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